CT1   Crystal Tresses
Sparkling Swarovski Strands! $2.25ea; sold per dz

Price: $ 27.00 / Dozen

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x12 Diamond (Clear) ($ 27.00) x12 Ruby ($ 27.00)
x12 Pink Ice ($ 27.00) x12 Tanzanite ($ 27.00)
x12 Sapphire ($ 27.00) x12 Peridot ($ 27.00)
x12 Assorted ($ 27.00)

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Make your hair sparkle with Crystal Tress crystal hair extensions - elegant, invisible strands of genuine Swarovski crystals! Held firmly in the hair by two small magnets, Crystal Tresses are incredibly easy to attach and remove - it literally takes 3 seconds!  Both magnets are attached to strands, so they can't be lost. A unique hair jewelry accessory - wear them anytime, anywhere!

8 crystal pairs per strand; 10.5" long (1.5" spacing). Crystals are Swarovski 2028-16ss and 4mm in diameter - with crystals on both sides so that no matter how you move, crystals will always be sparkly and visible!  Each Tress is individually packaged, but sold wholesale by the dozen.

Please note that some of Luminence's color names are not identical to Swarovski's. In particular, Diamond corresponds to Crystal (clear), Pink Ice corresponds to Lt Rose, and Ruby corresponds to Light Siam.

Crimping Bead Attachment - Although designed to attach to the hair by sandwiching hair in between the magnets, hair stylists can also attach Crystal Tresses with a crimping bead (not included).  We recommend silcon-lined crimping beads; metal crimping beads can have sharp edges. Follow these simple instructions:

1) Remove the magnets by cutting their strands;
2) Make the strand between the last two crystals into a loop;
3) Push the loop through the crimping bead;
4) Pass the last crystal through the loop;  
5) Pull the strand to tighten the knot, tying to the bead;
6) Now pull hair through the crimping bead, and crimp as normal.

Click here for visual instructions. Alternatively, you can leave one of the magnets attached, and use it to tie to the crimping bead, rather than one of the crystals.

Customer Testimonials:
"We sold out of the Crystal Tresses in only one day!" P. Russo, Fountain Hills AZ

"I gave the Crystal Tresses to every woman and girl on my extensive family and friend Christmas list. Everyone loved them. I get multiple great comments every where I go and I have given your website address to all so they can get other colors. Your Crystal tresses are the most fantastic hair adornment I have ever used. They just don't come out until you want them to. I love them. Thank you." Barbara G. Martinsville, IN

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful item! It looked wonderful in my wedding day" Claudia V., Porto Salvo, Portugal

"Beautiful hair jewels; these will look beautiful in my daughter's updo for her prom" D. Renfro, Amarillo TX

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