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GL2 - Glowbys

Fiberoptic Hair Lights! $1.00ea; sold per dz.

Price: $12.00 / Dozen

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x12 White($12.00) x12 Green($12.00)
x12 Gold($12.00) x12 Pink($12.00)
x12 Sea Green($12.00) x12 Orange($12.00)
x12 Blue($12.00) x12 Red($12.00)
x12 Rainbow-slow($12.00) x12 Rainbow-fast($12.00)
x12 Violet($12.00)
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Light up your hair with Glowbys fiber optic hair extensions! A fantastic impulse item, Glowbys sell themselves at any nighttime event - Mardi Gras, St Patrick's Day, prom, 4th of July, concerts, Halloween, and more! 

Each Glowby is individually packaged, but are sold wholesale in groups of 12 packages.  We are transitioning to a lighter, more compact square packaging to reduce shipping cost (smaller envelope required).  We have some remaining stock of the original, elongated packaging remaining for some colors; please indicate if you have a preference. 

Contact us for inner case (10 dz) or master case (40 dz) quantity pricing.

Glowbys are the original fiber optic hair extension, and still the best! 

  • Brightest
  • By far the smallest barrette available (easy to hide under the hair)
  • Easily replaceable batteries
  • Reversible barrette (left- or right-handed)
  • 12 different light colors
  • See comparison with a typical knock-off
  • Completely lead-, cadmium-, and mercury-free

Glowbys hair lights are illuminated thin fiberoptic strands attached to the hair to create many brilliant stars of light (50-60 fibers per Glowby, with the longest fibers 14" long). The extremely compact, black oval barrette (1.3" x 0.6") houses two small CR1220 batteries (BATTERIES INCLUDED) and a light source, which lights up the ends of the fibers. GLOWBYS ARE REUSABLE - you can wear them again and again. Just change the batteries when Glowbys become too dim, typically 10-15 hours. Slide lid slightly open to turn on/off.

Diamond White
- Bright white that sparkles like diamonds
Electric Blue - Brilliant bright blue
Princess Pink - Bright pink
Rainbow - Quickly cycles/flashes through all the colors of the spectrum; ~1 sec interval

Bright Green - Extremely bright, lime green
Sea Green - Bright green with blue tinge
Deep Violet - Deep purple, also functions as black light. Only moderately bright; best in very dark environments
Ruby Red - Vivid, bright red
Glitzy Gold - Medium bright yellow w/ slight orange tinge
Rainbow (slow) - Slowly cycles through all the colors of the spectrum; ~3 sec interval

Seasonal: Blue-Red Flashing Blue-Red (4th of July - click here); Orange (Halloween)

Other flashing color combinations (Blue-Green, Green-Red, Green-Gold) are available for special order; minimum order 1000 pieces, 60-75 day delivery. 

Wearing Glowbys - Wear the thin barrette under the hair so that only the lights are visible, or wear Gem Glowbys like a regular barrette. For under the hair, attach underneath the top layer of hair. The barrette will be covered, but the Glowbys lights will still be visible. For more Glowbys styling tips, please see our Glowbys Guide.

Glowbys are 14" long, but can be cut to any length - a star of light appears wherever the fibers are cut. Glowbys come in a cascade cut pattern, but they can be arranged in almost any pattern depending on the your hair style - use your imagination! Hair Stylists - just attach Glowbys and treat the fibers like strands of hair - cut, loop, etc. Caution: Do NOT use a curling iron or hair dryer on Glowbys; HIGH heat will melt the plastic fibers.

US Patent 7,270,456

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Extra batteries - Keep Glowbys bright with easily replaceable batteries; it takes only seconds!

Extra long fibers - 30" long Glowbys fiber bundles for girls with very long hair, costumes, etc.

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Glowbys Batteries
Glowbys Batteries
4-pack extra Glowbys batteries. $0.50/4-pk; sold per dz packs.
Price: $6.00

Glowbys XL Fibers
Glowbys XL Fibers
Extra long 30" Glowbys fiber bundle. $0.50ea; sold per dz
Price: $6.00

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